August 2013
August calendar

August 20- Litigation Section Meeting

August 23- HSBA Board Meeting

August 23- Deadline to Apply for YLD Board Vacancies

>> August 24- Annual Dinner <<

August 26- WSRSL Convocation Ceremony

August 28- Labor & Employment Section Meeting

>> August 29- CLE Seminar: Federal and State Land Use and Planning Law Update. In-person registration OR Live webcast registration.

>> August 30- CLE Seminar: Document Retention. In-person registration OR Live webcast registration.

August 30- Deadline to Apply for MCLE Board Openings

August 30- Deadline to Apply for HSBF Board and Access to Justice Commission Openings


What activities qualify for Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (MCPE) credit?

Attending or preparing for and teaching approved MCPE courses.

Conducting approved presentations in-house, for Inns of Court, Bar Sections and professional legal organizations.

Studying approved audio or video webcasts of professional education courses.

Other HSBA approved activities such as, conversion of VCLE training credits after completion of volunteer hours.

How many credits can I earn for teaching an approved for credit course?
You may earn 2 credit hours of preparation time for each credit hour spent on teaching.  In other words, you may claim 3 credit hours for preparing and teaching a 1 hour course.  If the course was approved for MCPE, all 3 credits will be MCPE credits.  If the course was approved for VCLE, all 3 credits will be VCLE credits.

Please contact Debbie Blanton, MCLE Administrator at for MCLE related questions and concerns. 

The Partnership in Pro Bono is a project of the Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i aimed at expanding access to justice through partnerships with attorneys across the state. The program provides opportunities for pro bono attorneys to represent and assist eligible clients with a variety of legal needs. Through the help of dedicated volunteer attorneys, Legal Aid is able to help clients we might otherwise be unable to assist. Only cases that are meritorious and appropriate for referral are matched with the interests of volunteer attorneys. Support will be provided by Legal Aid  staff and communication will be maintained throughout the process.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Cheryl Puna, Pro Bono Coordinator, at 527-8005 or by email at, for more information.

The HSBA and HSBF look forward to this Saturday's dinner and seeing all of you join in the support of the Courts in the Community Project and Legal Service Provider Community Projects, as well as the honoring of Senator Inouye and Senator Akaka.

Visit our Annual Dinner Event Webpage for Silent Auction Highlights and additional event information.

A Message from President Craig Wagnild:


"Lawyers should do more pro bono work to help the community" he said.  I cringed.  I was ready to jump up and put the guy who said that in his place.  I have heard this before from different sources equally uninformed and it is disappointing to the point of being frustrating.  As President of the HSBA, a practicing attorney, and someone who truly cares about not only the practice of law in Hawaii, but also about access to justice, serving our community, and the image of attorneys in Hawaii, I find myself regularly defending our legal system, our attorneys, and the importance of our judicial system in protecting fundamental freedoms, upholding the rule of law, and providing a reliable, unbias forum for dispute resolution.  Our legal system and attorneys are far from perfect, but show me the branch of government that is.

What I didn't expect was that I would need to defend our attorneys against claims that they were not giving back to the community.  Every attorney I know spends countless hours every year volunteering in one capacity or another - giving of their time, their talents, their sweat, their training, their expertise, and their knowledge.  They do so without expectation of compensation, but with a dedication to the belief that we as attorneys have an obligation to help others.  I am constantly impressed at the stories I hear and the work I see being done by our members.  And I am proud of it and a profession that not only encourages community service, but expects it.  So yes, I take a bit of offense to those that make comments suggesting that we do more.  Let's consider a few numbers.

In 2012, Hawaii had 3,764 active attorneys who were not government employed or serving as judges.  That year, 2,336 attorneys reported performing pro bono hours, collectively reporting 139,471 pro bono hours over the year.  That means 62% of our members reported pro bono service averaging just under 60 pro bono hours per attorney.  That is the equivalent of our profession having 8 attorneys working full-time year-round doing nothing but pro bono work.  Show me another profession doing that.

For Craig's full president message, click here.

Get Ready to Cast Your Vote!

This week HSBA members will receive an electronic ballot via the email address you have on file to cast your vote for the 2014 HSBA Board. Read up on your candidates here and cast your vote when you receive your ballot.

Court News

- Notice of Anticipated Judicial Vacancy for Supreme Court Associate Justice

- Deadline to Comment on Proposed Amendment to Rule 2.17 of the Rules of the Supreme Court is November 5

- Deadline to Apply for 2014 Grand Jury Counsel, Fifth Circuit is October 28, 2013

A Message from YLD President Malcom Barcarse:

This past week I was attending the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division assembly at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.  It was a great opportunity for me to learn about issues facing young attorneys nationally and about initiatives that are being done on a national level and by chapters in other states.  Some of these initiatives provide very interesting opportunities that we will be studying in the coming months.

Back here at home, your Young Lawyers Division is preparing in earnest for ones of its most well received projects the Junior Judges Program which allows volunteer attorneys to visit 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms to discuss the various challenges faced by students today in order to help those students make good decisions now and in the future. 

Volunteer attorneys first show a video presenting real life situations covering topics like bullying, stealing, drugs and alcohol abuse, and weapons.  Follow up discussion allows the students to become the "junior judges" of what the right choice would be in these "real life" situations.

The entire program requires approximately two hours, and will provide students and volunteer attorneys alike with a meaningful and memorable experience.  The Junior Judges Program will run during the week of October 14-18, 2013.  Please mark your calendars and consider volunteering your time.  For more information please email


Interested in fostering relationships among the HSBA membership? Promoting public service opportunities for Hawaii attorneys? Ensuring equal access to justice? Consider running for the HSBA’s Young Lawyers Division Board! Elections will be held during the last week of October for five open positions to represent Oahu, one open position to represent West Hawaii, one open position to represent East Hawaii, and one open position to represent Maui. See more information here

Please contact Natalie Millon at if you have any questions.


WHEN: September 27

WHERE: Hilton Hawaiian Village.

DETAILS: Listed below are a few of the programs and event highlights.

Seminars from the following HSBA Sections:

- Natural Resources Section
- Family Law & Child Law Sections
- Real Property & Financial Services Section: Real Estate Manual Volume IV
- Insurance Litigation Section
- Appellate Section: Federal Appeals Manual & Motions Practice
- Technology Committee Programs
- Litigation Section Trial Techniques

Upcoming HSBA Practice Manuals:
- 2013 Divorce Manual Supplement
- Federal Appeals Manual
- Real Estate Manual Volume IV: This not-to-be-missed seminar presenting Volume IV of the Hawaii Real Estate Manual focuses on leasing and lease provisions, as well as management agreements and other ancillary issues. Attorneys in the prime of their careers from various law firms throughout Hawaii will serve as panelists.  Come prepared to hear some of the best lawyers in their respective practice areas share their mana’o (wisdom) at this final seminar heralding the completion of the four-volume set of the Hawaii Real Estate Law Manual. Coordinated by Mitch Imanaka, Deborah Chun and Gino Gabrio.

Keynote speaker Gus Lee, Leadership Consultant and Character Coach

Announcement of the 2014 HSBA election results

Presentation of the HSBA Annual Awards

You won't want to miss this! Registration Coming Soon.


September 4: SCD Coffee Hour--Winding Down a Law Practice

September 9: Deadline to Enroll: Kauai Bar Association MCPE Course on Courtroom Evidence

October 31: Deadline to Apply: Inter-Pacific Bar Association Scholarship to Attend its Annual Meeting and Conference