• December Extra! - Emailed to members December 21, 2009: Judicial Commission Announces Deadline for Four Judicial Seats.
  • December Extra! - Emailed to members December 9, 2009: Includes news on judicial vacancies, judicial retention, HSBA's judicial evaluation, and HSBA's open house.
  • November Extra! - Emailed to members November 20, 2009: Includes news about the HSBA office relocating to 1100 Alakea Street in the Alakea Corporate Center; Updates about 2010 Dues; and a message from the HSBA Treasurer, Craig Wagnild.
  • November Extra! - Emailed to members November 11, 2009: Includes news about the upcoming CLE, "New Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Local Rules for U.S.D.C. and Local Bankruptcy Rules." ; CLE Publications Sale information; Judiciary news; Scam alerts; HSBA move update.
  • October Extra! - Emailed to members October 27, 2009: Includes Judiciary news about Court Calendars and Anticipated Vacancies, a reminder about the National Pro Bono Celebration to be held on October 28 at Bishop Square, and the October 30th event to include the YLD annual meeting and CJ Moon luncheon address. Calendar of upcoming HSBA-related events is also provided.
  • October Extra! - Emailed to members October 21, 2009: Includes news about furlough Fridays in the Judiciary, Court Calendar, and the October 30th event to include the YLD annual meeting and CJ Moon luncheon address. Calendar of upcoming HSBA-related events is also provided.
  • October Extra! - Emailed to members October 5, 2009: Includes news about the deadline for public comment on Judicial Nominees, deadline extension for anticipated vacancy in Judicial Office, October 30th event to include YLD annual meeting and CJ Moon luncheon address. Calendar of upcoming HSBA-related events is also provided.
  • September Extra! - Emailed to members September 8, 2009: Includes news about the 2009 Bar Convention, the start up of a Litigation Section, Judicial Selection Commission news, and Annual Dinner highlights.
  • August Extra! - Emailed to members August 3, 2009: Includes news about Client Trust Fund Accounts, Federal Judicial Opening, and an update on the FTC's Red Flags Rule.
  • July Extra! - Emailed to members July 17, 2009: Includes news about Client Trust Fund Accounts, HSBA Premises Update, and the MCLE Rule.
  • July Extra! - Emailed to members July 6, 2009: Includes news about Trial Academy, Surviving the Crash Seminar, Basic Legal Training, and Call for Public Comment.
    2009 Bar News
    In photo from left to right: HSBA President Rai Saint Chu, Lincoln Ashida, Frederick Schutte awardee; G. Gary Singh, Ki'e ki'e awardee; Judge Michael Town, Golden Gavel awardee; Judge Frances Wong, President s awardee; Mark Hazlett and Deborah Chun, Ikena Awardees; HSBA President-Elect Hugh Jones, Mitchell Imanaka, Ikena awardee.
    2009 HSBA Award Winners
    September 18, 2009

    Each year the HSBA honors members for outstanding service to the bar and the legal and greater community. Award desciptions and winners for 2009:
    FREDERICK SCHUTTE AWARD:  recognizes an attorney for outstanding and meritorious service to the legal community and the profession. Recipient:  Lincoln Ashida for his public service and commitment to pro bono and community service.
    GOLDEN GAVEL AWARD:  recognizes an attorney or non-attorney for outstanding service to the state or federal judiciary in Hawaii.  Recipient:  The Honorable Michael Town for his research, writing, speaking and training of lawyers and judges on issues such as resilience, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. 
    KI`E KI`E AWARD:  recognizes an attorney for outstanding provision of professional legal services at no charge to the recipient.  Recipient:  Gary Singh for his continued efforts to provide access to justice to Hawaii residents with limited English skills through his multi-lingual radio programs in 13 different languages in 16 different dialects.
    IKENA AWARD:  recognizes an individual or entity for outstanding service to the public or profession toward legal education.  Co-Recipients:  Deborah Chun, Mark Hazlett, and Mitch Imanaka for their work as editors of the Hawaii Real Estate Manual Volume I. They are also continuing their work on Volumes II, III, and IV.
    PRESIDENT'S AWARD:  recognizes extraordinary contributions that exemplify the mission of the HSBA.  Recipient:  The Honorable Frances Wong for her leadership and innovative work in the Family Court, including her implementation of numerous programs enhancing services to juveniles in the system.
    Photo compliments of Leroy Michaels.
    2009 Annual Bar Dinner and Bar Convention a Success!
    August 29, 2009 and September 18, 2009
    On August 29, 2009 the bar held its annual dinner at the Pacific Guardian Center Courtyard and through its silent auction, raised funds for the HSBA's public service projects and Access to Justice legal service providers. Attendees enjoyed live entertainment by Augie Rey Entertainment Inc. and the YWCA Wellness Hula Classes.
    Special thanks to our following sponsor, supporters and friends: Rai Saint Chu, Pacific Guardian Center, ABA Retirement Funds, Geico, Guardian Life, Marsh, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, Hisaka Yoshida & Cosgrove, Leighton Oshima, YLD Volunteers, WSRL Volunteers, and HSBA staff & family/friends.
    The annual bar convention was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on September 18, 2009. Seminars covered timely topics including the 2009 Family Law Update and Real Estate Law. Luncheon speaker Jeff Widener spoke to bar members about his photography from the 1989 Tiananmen Square riots in Beijing. Members also had a chance to meet with over 30 business organizations that hosted exhibits in the main room. 
    The annual meeting portion of the convention swore in Hugh Jones as HSBA's 2010 President and it also included the presentation of the bar's annual awards.  
    Photos compliments of Eric Cutright and Leroy Michaels.
    The Honorable Craig Nakamura Sworn in as Chief Judge of the Intermediate Court of Appeals
    September 15, 2009
    Exactly five years after his swearing in as an Associate Judge of the Intermediate Court of Appeals, Craig Nakamura was sworn in as the ICA Chief Judge.
    In photo from left to right: Chief Justice Ronald T.Y. Moon, ICA Chief Judge Craig Nakamura, and President Rai Saint Chu.
    Proclamation Signing for Law Week in the State of Hawaii
    April 24, 2009
    HSBA President Rai Saint Chu, YLD President Damien Elefante, and other HSBA staff are pictured with Mayor Hannemann and Lt. Governor Aiona at the Proclamation Signing of Law Week in the State of Hawaii.
    Mayor Hannemann, along with Governor Lingle and Lt. Governor Aiona, proclaimed April 27 - May 2, 2009 as Law Week.
    Law Week is in conjunction with the national celebration of Law Day. Law Day celebrates the rule of law and underscores how law and the legal process have contributed to the freedoms that all Americans share. 
    Photos compliments of Lisa Cutright.
    Read the Proclamation here.
    HSBA's Luncheon Seminar with Dean Erwin Chemerinsky a Hit!
    March 31, 2009
    With a great attendance and showing at the March 31 luncheon featuring Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, HSBA would like to keep the momentum and rapport going with providing a video stream of it.
    View the video stream at your convenience by logging on to our Web site and clicking on the link found under member resources. We hope you'll take the time to listen to this expert's talk on the Robert's Court, Obama Administration and the future of Constitutional Law.
    You don't want to miss this! Look at what one attendee had to say:
    "...I think everyone would agree with me that Erwin's luncheon presentation was thought provoking, entertaining, and inspiring. A flood of memories and emotions welled up within my heart as I hear him speak. It brought me back to the days of being a first year law student at USC. He has a way of making complex legal doctrine understandable, and he presents cases in such a humble and pleasant manner...What a great update on where our Supreme Court is. He reminded me why we all went into the law -- to make for a better, more just and humane society."
    --David A. Pendelton, Member of the Labor Appeals Board

    In photo above from left to right: HSBA Executive Director Lyn Flanigan, HPU Prof. John Hart, Ph.D, Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, and President Rai Saint Chu.  
    Rom A. Trader Swearing-In Ceremony
    March 27, 2009
    HSBA President Rai Saint Chu (r) is pictured here with Governor Linda Lingle (l) during the swearing-in ceremony of Rom A. Trader as Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Circuit. The ceremony was held at the Hawaii Supreme Court. 
    Photo compliments of Lisa Cutright.  
    Mililani High School Named Hawaii State Mock Trial Champions
    March 14, 2009
    Read about it here.
    L-R front: Ben Peterson, Amy Hunt, Grace Lim, Jessica Sneed, Sarah Nishioka, Silke Ann Marino, Jacob Garner.
    L-R back: Coach Steven Hioki, Sherry "Suzu" Fair, Brittany Acoba, Paige Yenke, Zubin Dodhi, Dejah Quiban, Danielle Snodgrass, Lexie Tansey, Alyssa Gray, Rebecca Wedge, Coach Amy Perruso, Lailanie Del Mundo.
    ABA Bar Leadership Institute
    March 12- 14, 2009
    The American Bar Leadership Institute (BLI) is held annually in Chicago for incoming officials of local and state bars, special focus lawyer organizations, and bar foundations.
    The seminar provides the opportunity to confer with ABA officials, bar leader colleagues, executive staff, and other experts on the operation of such associations.
    In photo from left to right: ABA President H. Thomas Wells, Jr. of Birmingham, AL, HSBA Executive Director, Lyn Flanigan, Hugh R. Jones, HSBA President Elect and ABA Executive Director Henry F. White, Jr.
    2009 Tokyo Dai Ichi Bar Visit
    HSBA Welcomes Tokyo Dai Ichi Bar Association
    March 3-4, 2009
    Hawaii State Bar Association President, Rai Saint Chu, husband and former HSBA President, Richard Turbin and several HSBA members recently hosted a delegation from the Tokyo Dai Ichi Bar Association. This visit was in support of the 2005 Friendship Agreement between the HSBA and TDIBA which pledged to develop and present mutually beneficial programs and activities in both Hawaii and Japan. They are seen here at a reception at the home of Rai Saint Chu and Richard Turbin. Photo compliments of Spencer Kimura.

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