is your access to our online membership portal. You can access the portal to update demographic information in your membership profile. Information that is reflected in your online membership profile is used for the Bar's annual Bar Directory and for the online membership directory that is public information.

Log-In Instructions:

HSBA members may also try the following formula:

  • Username is JD# and Last name (case sensitive).
  • Password is first three letters of last name (case sensitive) and last four digits of SSN.
Example: 1111Smith/Smi4321

Note: If you have not submitted an email address to the HSBA or have requested it to be private, you may need to have the account set up. To get set up and have immediate access, contact HSBA at or (808) 537-1868.

If you experience difficulty making changes to your membership profile, please e-mail

*Note: During the registration period, the online membership portal will not accept any demographic changes. You will have to change your information during the renewal period, via online or paper, or contact Liberty at


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