Our Mission
The Mission of the Hawaii State Bar Association is to unite and inspire Hawaii's lawyers to promote justice, serve the public and improve the legal profession.

Our Goals:

Goal 1: To develop and maintain an effective, democratic organizational structure to serve the needs of the members, the Judiciary and the public.

Objective 1: Improve structure and organization.
Objective 2: Improve communications with members and related entities.
Objective 3: Improve member involvement.
Objective 4: Improve Bar/Judiciary relationship.
Objective 5: Improve communications with the public.
Objective 6: Increase public involvement.

Government Lawyer Section
Membership Benefits & Services Committee
Publications Committee
Young Lawyer Division

Goal 2: To promote the integrity and competency of lawyers in Hawaii.

Objective 1: Increase the legal skill and knowledge of attorneys.
Objective 2: Improve practice management and client relations skills of attorneys.
Objective 3: To assist lawyers in achieving a balanced professional, personal and public life.
Objective 4: To promote professional responsibility, courtesy, and civility in the practice of law.

Attorney/Client Relations Committee
Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program
Continuing Legal Education Committee
Disciplinary Board
Hawaii State Trial Judges Association
Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
Practice Management Committee
Professional Liability Insurance Committee
Professional Responsibility Committee
Technology Committee
Young Lawyers Division

Goal 3: To eliminate unfair bias, prejudice and discrimination and to create meaningful opportunities for underrepresented groups in the legal system.

Objective 1: Study, educate, and motivate the bar regarding the issue of gender and ethnic fairness.
Objective 2: Educate the public regarding their legal rights when faced with discrimination.
Objective 3: Increase the meaningful participation of under-represented groups in all areas of the legal profession and system.
Objective 4L Promote Model Affirmative Action Policy.

Afro American Lawyer Association
Diversity, Equality and the Law (DEAL)
Filipino Lawyers Association
Hawaii Women Lawyers
Korean American Bar Association of Hawaii
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
Native Hawaiian Lawyers Association
William S. Richardson School of Law
Young Lawyers Division

Goal 4: To educate the public about legal rights and responsibilities, the legal process, and the role and responsibility of lawyers.

Objective 1: Educate the public about legal rights and responsibilities.
Objective 2: Educate the public about the legal process.
Objective 3: Educate the public about the role and responsibility of lawyers.

Hawaii Justice Foundation
Hawaii Legal Auxiliary
Law Related Education Committee
Volunteer Legal Service Hawaii
Young Lawyers Division

Goal 5: To increase the availability of quality legal services to all who need them.

Objective 1: Streamline referrals to various legal service organizations and educate attorneys and staff about how to make appropriate referrals.
Objective 2: Provide immediate relevant legal information to members of the public with legal questions.
Objective 3: Increase the number of voluntary attorneys providing pro bono hours on the annual Attorney Registration Statement.
Objective 4: Encourage and support partnering between existing legal service organizations, and coordination to avoid overlap and define areas of duties and responsibilities.
Consumer Protection Committee
Delivery of Legal Services to the Public Committee
Hawaii Justice Foundation
Lawyer Referral & Information Service Committee
Military Liaison
Volunteer Legal Service Hawaii
William S. Richardson School of Law
Young Lawyers Division
Goal 6: To advance the equitable and efficient administration of justice.
Objective 1: Increase the bar's participation in judicial selection, evaluation, and retention.
Objective 2: Promote alternative dispute resolution.
Objective 3: Assist the Judiciary improving the court system.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
Hawaii State Trial Judges Association
Judicial Administration Committee
Judiciary Center for ADR
Legislation and Public Policy Committee
Young Lawyer Division
Goal 7: To recognize and address the needs and problems of lawyer on each island.
Objective: Support neighbor island bar associations.
Objective: Increase the participation of neighbor island members on boards and committees.
Hawaii County Bar Association
Kauai Bar Association
Maui County Bar Association
West Hawaii Bar Association
Continuing Legal Education Committee
Technology Committee
Young Lawyers Division

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